Brianna Snyder

The world wants to hear your story.


I'll help you tell it. 

People don't buy products. They buy stories. 

Telling your story is how we sell your book, your business, your school.  

As a reporter, audience developer, social media manager, copy, content, and brand writer, I've told thousands of stories in countless forms. 

Now, let me tell yours.  




Brianna is a fierce writer. She has a natural sense for storytelling, manages always to get to the heart of what’s interesting, and finds a way to throw in a few jokes, too.
— Emily Dreyfuss, WIRED Magazine
She is creative and versatile; she knows what’s the best medium to present a particular story and can write appropriately for online, print and/or social media.
— Janet Reynolds, award-winning journalist
Brianna is the bomb.
— Holly Epstein Ojalvo, USA TODAY